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Terms and Conditions of Site Usage

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Terms and Conditions of Listing

  • "the Company" is Tech Support Group Limited.
  • "the Site" is a site on the world wide web owned and operated by the Company.
  • "the Customer" is any company/business listing on the site.
  • A "link" is any link provided by the Company between its site and any site owned and operated by the Customer.
  • A "visitor" is any person who may visit the Site and "visitors" shall be construed accordingly.

The Customer has asked for and the Company has agreed to provide the Site upon the terms and conditions following NAMELY:-

  1. The Company shall provide to the Customer space on its site(s) for a period of 12 months unless otherwise specified.
  2. The Customer shall forthwith pay to the Company the sum agreed together with Value Added Tax (if applicable) at the rate prevailing at the date of such payment.
  3. The Customer shall provide to the Company all such details information logos and images (and, if supplied electronically then in .gif or .jpg format) as the Company shall require in order to establish the Customers entry upon the Site.
  4. The Company shall be entitled to manipulate the material supplied to it for its more convenient accommodation on the Site and to maintain optimum download time.
  5. The Customer warrants that no material supplied to the Company nor any made available to visitors by virtue of any link shall:-
    1. infringe the rights of any third party
    2. be malicious defamatory or pornographic
    3. infringe the standards set by or requirements of any regulatory authority
  6. The Customer warrants that the information supplied to the company and to visitors shall be true and shall not be misleading nor exaggerated nor presented in any way so as to cause visitors to be deceived.
  7. The Customer warrants to the Company that the products or services which it shall from time to time provide to visitors shall be of a reputable standard and will comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory controls affecting the same.
  8. The Company reserves the right to close the Site either temporarily or permanently if the Customer shall be in breach of any warranty given in clauses 5,6 and 7 above.
  9. The Company shall not incur any liability to the Customer by reason of:-
    1. any ruling of any regulatory authority or court of competent jurisdiction
    2. the closure of the Site in any of the circumstances referred to in clause 8 above
    3. any failure of the Company's web site host to maintain its service provided that in the event of the total failure of the service in question the Company shall make every reasonable effort to provide an alternative
    4. the number of introductions effected between visitors and the customer through the Site whether they be more or fewer than the Customer may expect
  10. The Company shall maintain staff to deal with enquiries from the Customer during usual office hours.
  11. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall imply or constitute any partnership nor agency between the Customer and the Company. In all business arising out of contact made through the Site the Customer shall contract as principal with its customer.

Refund Policy

This returns and refunds policy is in accordance with the EU Distance Selling Directive, which came into force in October 2000 and is part of UK law under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. This law applies to all transactions within the UK where a consumer does not meet the vendor. Contracts between businesses are not governed by these regulations. Your rights as a consumer In accordance with the law, you have a 7 day 'cooling off period' in which you have the right to cancel your purchase and receive a full refund. You do not need to give a reason for cancelling your purchase. We are obliged to refund your payment in full within 30 days of your cancellation.

How to cancel within the 7 day cooling off period:

Should you wish to cancel your purchase within the 7 days 'cooling off' period, please email us at

Orders placed by credit or debit card from this website will be refunded directly to your credit or debit card. Orders placed by other means will be refunded by cheque. These refunds will be made within 30 days.