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The guy on the phone was extremely rude and unhelpful, both during my initial booking as well as during my 3(!!!) subsequent calls to find out where my cab was. After 20 minutes of waiting I gave up, and called them to let them know I didn't need the cab anymore, and he said they'd already cancelled it!!! Thank you for letting me know!!! Anyway, here's my complaint!

Martin's complaint (read above), sadly, doesn't tell the full story. I was the controller in question on the evening in question. Mr Hoj's difficulty was that he wanted a car immediately at a time when most of the rest of the area wanted a car, so having informed him that we were booked solidly for 45 minutes, and that was the time it would take to get him a car, he became abusive and difficult. Sorry for being unhelpful, Martin, but we are under strict instructions to be realistic with customers during busy periods. Had I courteously told you that it would be 10 minutes and then took 45 minutes to get to you, I'm sure you would have described us as something other than rude and unhelpful. Something far worse. On the next call that you made, I informed you that the wait was still about 40 minutes (it being about 5 minutes since your original call) - a wait with which you had real difficulty - difficulty that you appeared more than happy to express. On the second call, I explained that your car was still booked for the original time I had given you, and you explained that that wasn't acceptable and you would find an alternative. Disappointed though I was at not being able to help you, I accepted your decision and cancelled the car. It would appear that you weren't able to find another car more quickly - which led to your third phone call, by which time the waiting time was still about 45 minutes, but, of course, some 15 minutes after it would have been had you not cancelled the car. Delighted though I'm sure my boss would be about enjoying free consultancy on how to run a carriage and transport company, perhaps it's best if we leave it to a more appropriate time rather than abusive calls to the duty controller at peak periods. One thing that is noted is that you were offered the option of a call from a director the following day to establish the nature of your complaint and for him to investigate it. This, I recall, you rather rudely declined. We have a very well defined complaints process, which I did follow even though you did not make a formal complaint I noted it as an occasion when we weren't able to meet customer expectations. It is from this record that I have prepared this comment.!

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  • 5 Seaters
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